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Code of Conduct

Updated: 8/1/2022

CHEAHA: Christian Home Educators at Heights of Achievement

P.O. Box 526

Alexandria, AL 36250

One of the reasons CHEAHA exists is to provide a fun and safe environment for both our children and parents to socially bond with one another in a Christian atmosphere. To foster that atmosphere, CHEAHA requests that all members, along with any guests that are brought to activities, maintain
Christian standards in conversation, courtesy, kindness, honesty, morality, and modest attire, showing respect to each other, not in an attitude of legalism but in Christian love.


Please dress modestly to all CHEAHA events. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be a modest length and not show cleavage. Pants should be properly fitted and worn around the waist. Please wear appropriate garments underneath to maintain modesty during participation of activities.


CHEAHA does not condone bullying, name calling, rudeness, poor sportsmanship, or the use of vulgar or obscene language. Should this happen at any
CHEAHA event, adult chaperones will intervene and pull the child aside and warn him or her that the behavior is inappropriate and needs to stop. If said behavior persists, the child will be separated from the group and parents will be called to pick up the child if they are not present at the event. At the sole discretion of the CHEAHA Executive Committee, when violations are deemed egregious, the family’s CHEAHA membership may be suspended indefinitely with no refund.


For matters such as illegal drug activity, sexual promiscuity, abortion, robbery or other misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Executive Committee of CHEAHA, immediate suspension of the family’s CHEAHA membership, indefinitely and without refund could result.


Members found to be out of harmony with the Scriptural principles of work and life may be removed whenever the general welfare or the reputation of Jesus Christ and/or CHEAHA is diminished.

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